Green Lifestyle

Pandam Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle is a lifestyle and human awareness to maintain a sustainable environment. Implementing a green lifestyle is important to preserve our earth.

In essence, humans must protect the environment in their daily lives. The easiest application must be from yourself and the environment where you live.

It takes intention to be able to familiarize yourself with this environmentally friendly lifestyle. The easiest example is not turning on lights, air conditioners, or fans in rooms that are not being used.

Reducing the use of motorized vehicles also has an effect on minimizing air pollution. You can take public transportation when traveling. You can also walk or ride a bicycle to a place near your home because in addition to reducing pollution, it is also healthy.

PANDAM Adiwastra Janaloka is not just campaigning for a green lifestyle but more than that PANDAM uses environmentally friendly materials in making and producing every product produced.