Car Tissue Box RAYU


RAYU is not only a work of art made from a combination of woven pandanus and batik, but RAYU is also a form of our enthusiasm and weavers to maintain the traditional art of woven pandanus leaves so that it remains sustainable. By owning RAYU, we have taken a small step in caring for the earth,

RAYU is a greeting of prosperity that we present as one of our contributions to environmental preservation.

Made from organic and environmentally friendly woven sea pandanus leaves, combined with beautiful batik wastra, RAYU is made by the skillful hands of artisans who dedicate their lives to the sustainability of the woven pandanus craft. 

Involving many artisans from many villages, with the hope that the more people involved, the more people working, the more people will prosper. 

Technology is racing against time, but the earth must remain sustainable. 

RAYU Car Tissue Box is ready to accompany you wherever you go,,,

Greetings Culture,,,


Size Details: 
P.22 x L.12.5 x T.4cm

Material: Pandanus Leaf Weaving mix Batik


Size :
Color :
Material :
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Size Guide : SEE IMAGE

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