WIGUNA Pandanus Tote Bag

As the name implies, WIGUNA which means: Useful, we specially design this Tote Bag by highlighting its functional side, which can be used to load various kinds of goods. The Wiguna Tote Bag can be used to store work documents, even while carrying gadgets or light devices to support office work. However, it is still stylish to be taken shopping for daily needs or carried for a walk.

The size of the bag is very proportional, with ample space and very strong stitches. So there is no need to worry even though we have a lot of luggage. The bag handle is designed to be comfortable in the hand or when slung over the shoulder.

Made from woven pandan leaves combined with sogan Bantulan batik, it not only looks chic, but also shares the spirit of preserving traditional arts and saving the environment. Because this Wiguna Tote Bag is very environmentally friendly and made with full local wisdom.

So, there's no reason for us not to use the Wiguna Tote Bag as an option to accompany us in our daily activities, right?

Size :
Color :
Material :
sea grass
pandanus leaf weaving mix batik
Stock: 100
Size Guide : SEE IMAGE

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